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The Restek Fund team is always interested in long term cooperation with every customer because Restek Fund is a professional organization in its field that focuses and is competent in its region therefore it can solve every question related to investments. Our ability to learn and adjust, exercise professional and personal intelligence, make bold decisions and engender trust is embedded in our culture.

Our top managers have more than 15 years experience in attracting investment opportunity around the world, financial planning and analysis and project management. As lead expert in fund generation for several companies, they help raised more than EUR 950 million funding for leading wood processing, metalworking, food industry and logistics companies.

Our management team has the in-depth expertise and business understanding needed to help you maximize the value of deals, grow your portfolio, and manage risks in an ever-changing investment environment.We partner with top management teams and entrepreneurs, helping them to achieve their ambitions and deliver transformational growth, both regionally and internationally.


Please stay home and stay safe. Wash your hand regularly and be rest assure to continue earning without stress. We have diversified our investment funds into food and medical equipment production which guarantee constant returns to all members.

Daily profit delivered by a well-resourced team

Our active investment approach is based on an aim to deliver sustainable returns over the long term. We’re always looking to invest with companies with the best combination of growth, quality, yield and valuation. We typically invest in majority stakes of small and mid-sized industrial technology-driven companies with proven and sustainable business models.

Investment Plan

120% After 1 Day

Min Investment: $10
Max Investment: $50, 000
Referral Bonus: 5%
Princial Included in Profit
Profit After 24 hours
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220% After 3 Days

Min Investment: $301
Max Investment: $100, 000
Referral Bonus: 5%
Princial Included in Profit
Profit After 3 Days
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380% After 5 Days

Min Investment: $501
Max Investment: $150, 000
Referral Bonus: 5%
Princial Included in Profit
Profit After 5 days
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Secure Transaction and Data

We offer advanced security and frictionless usability. HPE NonStop. HPE NonStop Security. PCI Compliance and SSL Encryption Solutions. Our https connection ensures the protection of of personally identifiable information — such as full name, address, date of birth, or telephone number

Fast and Guaranteed Payout

Whether you need help with catching up on bills or you have some important expense that has suddenly come up, our investment payout can be of great help.

Focus on what you’re best at

Let us focus on managing your investment and you can probably easily figure out the tasks that are most important for you to do.

There's no minimum withdrawal

We want to make investing accessible, no matter how much money you have. We process any amount withdrawn by members without any form of delay.